#TeamGlasses: Who to Root for in the Battle of the Eyewear in Singapore

Contacts or glasses? There has long been a “Battle of the Lenses” being fought between contacts and glasses. Eyewear from good optical shops in Singapore is varied and dynamic. And nothing shows this dynamicity more than the humble eyeglass.
Believed to have been invented as early as 1268 in Italy, eyeglasses have been diligently serving their purpose with utmost sufficiency. It would be difficult to imagine a world without these useful tools. Still not convinced that you should shift from #TeamContacts to #TeamGlasses? Read on and find out what other nifty benefits eyeglasses have.

1.       Usability
It is true that contacts are the better choice for athletes given that it is more applicable for movement; however, how often do you come across a need for something like that? More often we are faced with the hustle and bustle of daily life, a busy schedule that can’t afford the time it takes to properly and comfortably wear contacts, not to mention the effort to keep tabs that you should not wear contacts for more than 14 hours and especially when you’re sleeping. Eyewear in Singapore, on the other hand, is hassle-free. Wear them and take them off as easy as blinking.
2.       Doesn’t worsen dry eyes
As mentioned above, contacts can’t be worn for longer than 14 hours. This is because contact lenses reduce the amount of oxygen that reaches the eyes. Thus, eye problems like dry or sensitive eyes can worsen.
3.       Cheaper
Yes, you might say that there are cheap contact lenses out there, but buying cheap contacts is almost tantamount to signing a blinding permit. Cheap contact lenses, which are made of low-class plastic, can cause permanent damage to your eyes. With contacts, if you want the best quality, you’d have to pay the price. With eyeglasses, high-quality doesn’t always mean pricey. The materials for glasses allow for this discrepancy in prices. You can also watch out for company promotions.
4.       Can be a fashion statement
Contacts are hidden. Unless you’re wearing colored ones, they are practically invisible. Glasses, on the other hand, are not just items of necessity; they are also fashion accessories. Express yourself through your glasses! There is a growing fad of Japanese eyewear in Singapore and people are even wearing non-prescription glasses to be in style!
5.       Doubles as a protective gear
Glasses come in all shapes and sizes. You can now have thin prescription glasses that meet the most astringent high-impact testing requirements. Some glasses are covered with a special coating meant to block dangerous radiation from computers. And others even change their tint from clear to colored depending on the amount of light in the surroundings. As technology keeps on improving, who knows what else glasses can soon do?
6.       Anyone can wear them
There is no age requirement: from children to senior citizens, putting glasses on is no big deal. The same can’t be said about putting on contacts—a process that even some adults dread.

So, are you a member of #TeamGlasses now? Grab your prescription glasses now and enjoy these benefits!


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